Wilmington Plastic Surgery Adds New Pain-Management Technique For Cosmetic Surgery Patients

WILMINGTON, NC, March 4, 2013– Patients receiving cosmetic surgery at Wilmington Plastic Surgery can now realize just as much gain, with significantly less pain. The four board-certified plastic surgeons of WPS have added the local analgesic EXPAREL to their pain-management options for patients undergoing surgeries. EXPAREL, a liposomal formulation of bupivacaine, can dramatically reduce discomfort following surgery, as well as expedite the recovery process.

Jeffrey Church, MD, DDS, FACS, calls EXPAREL a significant improvement over previous postoperative pain-management methods, including the use of pumps requiring internal catheters and external bags. Dr. Church points out that EXPAREL is the first pain medication that is released to a very targeted area, as opposed to systemic medications, such as opioids, which affect the entire body. Traditionally used in postoperative care, systemic medications can cause nausea, drowsiness and other side effects.

“Injected under the muscle fascia of a specific site, EXPAREL numbs that tissue only,” explains Dr. Church. “This leads to the use of much less supplemental pain control, relieving the patient’s body of the stress systemic medications can cause. Patients recover more quickly and can get back to their daily lives.”

Dr. Church said EXPAREL is an important complement to the practice’s painmanagement tools, but does not replace other options. “Often, physicians must choose a combination of drugs to achieve the best results for each patient,” he says. “We are very excited to offer our patients this addition for postsurgical care.”

Wilmington Plastic Surgery is among the most renowned cosmetic surgery practices in the Southeast, with four board-certified plastic surgeons who are not only exceptionally well trained and highly skilled, they are extraordinarily passionate about their work and compassionate with their patients. Wilmington Plastic Surgery offers a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, as well as advanced non-invasive body sculpting and rejuvenation procedures, including CoolSculpting®. The Skin Care Medspa provides patients with a range of injectable wrinkle correctors and advanced laser procedures.

Kenneth S. White, MD, FACS; Charles R. Kays, MD, DMD, FACS; Jeffrey S. Church, MD, DDS, FACS; Mark W. Morgan, MD, FACS.


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