Wilmington Plastic Surgery Uses Advanced Technologies To Enhance Patient Care

WILMINGTON, NC– Serving southeastern North Carolina for more than three decades, Wilmington Plastic Surgery is not only the most established practice of its kind in the region; it is also among the most advanced.

“Technology is impacting nearly all aspects of our lives, including the practice of medicine,” said Guy R. Williams, III, CMPE, practice administrator for Wilmington Plastic Surgery. “We have incorporated technologies throughout our offices to make operations more efficient for our patients and medical staff, as well as enhance our level of care.”



Williams said one of the most exciting technological advancements for the practice is the introduction of 3D imaging that allows patients to preview the results they can expect from breast augmentation procedures. The technology is also used to identify sun-damaged areas on the face, helping physicians and aestheticians customize facial procedures.

The Vectra® imaging system is an ultra high-resolution camera that assures razor sharp definition of the smallest details. It takes a series of pictures of the body, which the Sculptor software then pieces together. The result is an accurate 3D model of the target area that can be totally customized and seen from various angles. Patients are then able to see their actual body in a post-procedure state.

“For example, if a woman is curious about what she would look like with larger, fuller breasts, adjustments can be made to the 3D model that simulate actual results that Wilmington Plastic Surgeryʼs surgeons can achieve,” said Williams. “The patient can see herself with various sizes, shapes and types of implants—effectively ʻtrying onʼ a new body— until she sees the result she desires. The surgeon then knows exactly what the patient wants and can use the images for the surgery, eliminating any risk of miscommunication.”

“Not only does the Vectra system help patients decide whether to undergo the procedure, it provides added confidence and less anxiety since patients know exactly what to expect,” said Williams. “As you can guess, most patients who are photographed using the Vectra system are very pleased with the outcome of their surgery.”


Wilmington Plastic Surgery has also recently launched a newly designed and fully updated website. Built as a responsive site, users are able to access the site from any device, from mobile to desktop and everything in-between. Wilmington Plastic Surgery recognized the growing mobile trend and relationships to user devices of a non-traditional sense and has chosen to optimize their site to be accessible to the public from any platform. User-friendly and loaded with content, the new site is resource-based for patients who want to gather information about the options available to them. So now whether you access the site on the go or from the comforts of home, it is sure to perform flawlessly, allowing you to utilize the full site any time.

“The agencyʼs and clientʼs goal was to create a highly relevant site that patients will come back to again and again,” said Jeff Morvil, President of Morvil Advertising + Design, the agency responsible for the new site. “Visitors to the site will be able to take advantage of special promotions, learn about the latest offers in aesthetic treatments, and stay up to date on industry news. And because the site is for a practice dedicated to an individualʼs vision of beauty, it is very aesthetically pleasing as well.”


Technology is also assisting patients who see Wilmington Plastic Surgery physicians for consultations. iPad tablet computers allow doctors to keep notes and records handy, as well as show patients actual photographs of procedures, including before and after images.

“The majority of our patients are here for aesthetic concerns, so visual communications are key,” said Williams. “Doctors and patients find the easy and immediate access to images and other information extremely helpful.”

Additionally, Wilmington Plastic Surgery became one of the first plastic surgery practices in the region to adopt electronic medical records (EMR) in 2009. EMR gives physicians, as well as patients, greater and more seamless access to information.


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