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Smartlipo, the number one requested cosmetic procedure, is the undisputed leader in laser-assisted lipolysis, and Wilmington Plastic Surgery was the first to offer it in southeastern North Carolina. As a result, our surgeons are the most experienced in the area.

Much less invasive than traditional liposuction, Smartlipo is a body sculpting treatment that essentially melts away fat. Like nonsurgical CoolSculpting, it is ideal for helping eliminate those last few pounds or the stubborn bumps and bulges that don’t respond well to proper diet and exercise.

Treatment areas that yield excellent results include:
  • neck
  • jawline
  • arms
  • abdomen
  • inner/outer thighs
  • knees
  • problem areas known as "love handles," "saddlebags" and "bra fat"
  • Safe, minimally invasive procedure
  • Treats areas of undesired fat
  • Promotes tissue coagulation resulting in tissue tightening
  • Less bleeding compared to liposuction alone
  • Faster healing times
  • Less trauma

Conventional liposuction techniques, such as tumescent and ultrasonic liposculpture, are used by Wilmington Plastic Surgery to remove greater amounts of fat. Smartlipo is appropriate for smaller areas and utilizes a tiny, one-millimeter cannula (or tube) that contains a laser fiber that is inserted into the skin. Energy delivered by the precisely directed laser causes the fat cells to rupture and drain away as liquid. At the same time, the tissue in the area coagulates, causing the skin tissue to tighten.

Smartlipo can also be used as an effective complement to conventional methods, smoothing out the skin and providing the final toning touches. Hear from our surgeons about this and other body sculpting procedures

Because Smartlipo is a minimally invasive procedure usually requiring only local anesthesia, most Wilmington Plastic Surgery patients report very little downtime. It is suggested that patients rest for a day or two and wait two weeks to resume exercise. A compression garment may also be worn for a short while after the procedure.

Anyone, male or female, in good mental and physical health and of normal body weight may be considered an excellent candidate. While the majority of cosmetic procedures are performed on women, many men are opting for the ease and convenience of Smartlipo to remove excess fat in problem areas, including breasts and love handles.

Most often, only one treatment is required. Results will be visible within one week, and the treated area may continue to improve over three to six months.

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