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How Soon Can You Workout Post-Surgery?

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We know you’re ready to show off your new appearance and kickstart a healthier lifestyle, but it’s important to give your body the time it needs to ensure your results will last!

Don’t plan to go too hard too soon. If you want the best results and minimal scarring, it’s important that activity remain limited and to follow doctor recommendations over the next 6 weeks to allow your body to properly heal. First and foremost we always ask that you avoid any activity for the first 48 hours after surgery.

Each procedure will have a different rate of recovery, so let’s take a look at the post-op recovery timelines of some of our most popular procedures.

Breast Augmentation

This procedure tends to have a longer recovery process and it’s important to take it slow and steady.

  • Week1-2 — You can start adding light activity to your routine, like walking and household chores. Try to avoid raising your heart rate and body temperature too much.
  • Week 2-4 — You’ll begin to add low impact activities that avoid your upper body. We will give you suggested activities & stretches to keep you active and help your road to recovery.
  • Week 4-6 — This is the time to check in with your doctor! After 4 weeks of limited activity, you’ll begin to add in more strenuous strength workouts and we’ll help you determine what workouts you can start adding into your routine.
  • Week 6 — At this point, most patients are fully recovered and are able to get back to a full fitness routine without limitations.


This procedure is most effective in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine, so you’ll need a delicate balance of rest and activity to ensure the best results.

  • Week 1 — After your first 2 days of rest, you’ll be able to begin light activity, like doing chores within your home and moderate walking.
  • Week 2 — We suggest gradually adding a little more length to your walk each day. We’ll also give you strength exercises that keep you active, while avoiding the procedure area.
  • Week 3-5 — In this timeframe, most of our patients are able to begin more impactful exercises and get back to a more strenuous workout routine that will maintain their Liposuction results.
Wilmington Plastic Surgery


When it comes to facial procedures, you’ll want to avoid increasing your blood pressure at all costs during recovery. What this means? You’ll need to avoid cardio entirely for your first 4 weeks post-op.

  • Week 1-4 — During these first 4 weeks we’ll help you create a routine that is very low impact with short, moderate walks to keep you active while avoiding an increased heart rate.
  • Week 4-6 — Generally, in this timeframe, our patients are able to begin adding cardio back into their routine and can gradually work up to a regular workout routine.

Nose Job

  • Week 1 — we suggest letting your body rest and avoiding even moderate activity.
  • Week 2-3 — You can re-introduce walking and low impact activity.
  • Week 3-4 — At this time, most of our patients are able to get back to regular activity, including more strenuous activities like swimming or jogging.

A few final tips! -

Remember, avoid ALL activity for the first 48 hours after surgery. When adding activity back into your routine, start with parts of your body that are further away from the surgical area. Ex: If you had a breast augmentation or liposuction in your arms, try starting with low impact cycling that won’t use as much of your upper body.

ALWAYS listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right or is too much too soon, give your body a break.

For all our procedures, we will provide you with detailed information for a safe and successful recovery. If you have ANY questions along the way or if you feel something is wrong at any point - please give us a call! At Wilmington Plastic Surgery, we are here to support your recovery and get you back to a healthier, more active you with results you’ll love.


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