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Protect Your Investment - 4 tips to ensure lasting results

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Whether you’ve gone under the knife, gotten injectables, or tried one of our non-invasive/non-surgical procedures - we want to protect your investment and help you maintain your results. No matter which procedure you tried, follow these 4 tips to ensure a fast, healthy recovery and lasting results.

Follow Post-Procedure Care Instructions

Post-Operation recovery is just as important for ensuring best results as the procedure itself. For each procedure, we will provide a care plan that you should follow precisely to ensure proper healing and results that you will love.

2) Sunscreen

It all starts with skin protection. All of our procedures, both surgical and non-invasive benefit from the use of sunscreen. Making sunscreen part of your daily routine will help prevent and reduce scarring, inflammation, and redness to promote healing and can protect your skin from damage if you received a laser or facial treatment.

3) Maintain a Healthy Diet

The procedure is just the beginning. To promote proper healing and maintain best results, it’s important to eat healthy and drinking plenty of water both during and after recovery. We also recommend keeping a consistent exercise routine to ensure the longevity of your results.

4) Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can speed up the aging process and cause dehydration and inflammation, so when it comes to making your cosmetic procedures last - reducing your alcohol intake can help immensely. A glass of red wine here or there won’t ruin your results, but making a conscious effort to cut back on consumption will protect your investment and keep your skin looking younger.


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