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Dare to Bare

April 17, Wilmington Plastic Surgery proudly hosted a “Dare to Bare” Ultherapy event. This event was held to give attendees a convenient time and place for their Ultherapy consultation as well as take advantage of excellent deals
Ultherapy is a technology that lifts the eyebrow, neck, under-chin, and chest areas. The procedure targets deeper skin tissues, tightening the areas and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is different in that you can see, via ultrasound imaging technology, exactly which areas are being treated and how they are being effected.
Wilmington Plastic Surgery is happy to host educational events regularly. There are many new procedures being released into the market that many people question. We understand the concern of our patients and want to show them we understand these procedures and are confident in their abilities to transform you!

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