Including The Most Advanced Injectable Technology Available: Jeuveau

Whether you’re a man or woman, you can get rid of unsightly frown lines with the help of Jeuveau®.

What is Jeuveau?

The word Jeuveau is based on “nouveau,” the French word for modern. This play on words is meant to convey Jeuveau’s stunning ability to smooth the glabellar lines that appear on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Jeuveau is a 900kDa purified botulinum toxin formula type A which has been approved by the FDA after successful clinical trials run in the United States. Like several other mainstream injectables, the neurotoxin in Jeuveau helps the patient achieve smoother skin by restricting muscle movement.

How does Jeuveau Work?

At Wilmington Plastic Surgery and Skin Care MedSpa, we begin the Jeuveau process by evaluating which areas require treatment. Next, our skincare professionals clean the skin before injecting Jeuveau into the skin.

From there, the neurotoxins do their job by numbing the nerves and muscles responsible for creating the troublesome frown lines that can appear around the eyebrows. The result is facial skin that is smoother and more youthful looking.

Ask us if you’re a candidate for this remarkable procedure.

Benefits of Jeuveau

Once you and your skincare specialist have determined which problem areas to treat, the rest of the process is a breeze. Though you may notice some slight tenderness, swelling, or redness at the injection site, these side effects generally only last for a few hours.

The Jeuveau injections themselves only take about 15 minutes and can easily be performed on your break from work. Additional benefits include:

  1. Reduced wrinkles in five to seven days with full correction in about two weeks
  2. No downtime
  3. Results lasting from three-four months, depending on the treatment area
  4. Smoother, fuller looking skin

Don’t put up with unwanted frown lines any longer. Instead, smooth them away with the proven power of Jeuveau and the help of Wilmington Plastic Surgery and Skin Care MedSpa. Schedule your first procedure today by clicking here or calling us at 910-509-SKIN (7546).


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