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Mommy Makeover is not just for Moms!

Mommy MakeoverIf you have ever heard the term "Mommy Makeover", chances are that you associate with it with the effects that childbearing can have on a woman's body. The body contouring procedures used in a typical makeover aren't necessarily limited to moms. In fact, virtually any woman can enjoy the benefits these popular surgeries have to offer. 

For starters, breast augmentation is the most popular part of a mommy styled makeover. This is because women may suffer from decreased breast size and a deflated or sagging shape after breastfeeding. Breast augmentation can add volume and restore a perky appearance. In some cases, the opposite is needed. Women with excessively large breasts after breastfeeding may opt for a breast reduction procedure which removes excess fat and tissue from the breasts while also adding more lift. 

In addition to enhanced breasts, a tummy tuck liposuction is usually the next step in a makeover. This is because excessive fat and skin can remain following childbirth. These side effects typically will not go away on their own despite your best efforts through healthy eating and dieting. In some cases, women may also experience diastasis rectus, which refers to a wider space between the abdominal muscles located on the right and the left side of the belly. Cosmetic surgery can quickly correct this issue and restore a more natural appearance. 

As you can see, many of the problem areas discussed are not solely reserved for moms. Women of all ages and backgrounds can experience issues with their breasts, skin and excessive fat stores. However, you can eliminate these problem areas once and for all thanks to innovations in cosmetic surgery. Get in touch today to learn more!

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