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Where Can You Get Liposuction?

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Losing weight and inches can be incredibly difficult. Even with drastic weight loss, it’s not uncommon for there to be areas of the body that haven’t responded. In situations like this, along with a healthy diet and exercise, liposuction can often be used to remove fat.

While liposuction itself will not help you lose weight, it can be used to alter physical appearance and help the patient feel happier with their personal aesthetic. That said, liposuction can’t be used everywhere on the body. Whether it’s right for you depends on what you’d like to change and whether those body parts are liposuction candidates.

What Liposuction Can Do

It’s important to note that whether an area can be treated also depends on the size of the overall treatment area. But, in general, liposuction can remove fat from the following body parts:

Buttocks and Hips

Curviness in the buttock and hip area is often considered a desirable trait, but too much fat in these areas can cause them to develop a dimpled or lumpy appearance. Removing fat in the hips and buttocks tends to have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin and can also create a look that's proportionate to the rest of the body.


The abdomen is typically divided into upper and lower halves. The upper abdomen can be prone to storing fat right in the front, especially in women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth. The lower abdomen can also develop rolls in the middle, as well as muffin tops. Fortunately, all of these can be improved by abdominal liposuction.


The term “flank” refers to the back, waistline area, where one’s pants sit, just above the buttocks. This area, like the waist and love handles, is prone to building fat over time. Liposuction on the flank area is, again, a means of improving one’s figure and taking some additional inches off the waist.


Fat deposits build up on your back the same way they do on your stomach. It’s not at all uncommon for men and women to experience back rolls, particularly along the “bra line” area. Liposuction on the back is just another way to create a smoother, more even appearance.

Upper Arms

People with low muscle mass in their upper body often experience a fat buildup in the upper arms. This unsightly jiggle is unnerving to many people, which is why it’s fairly common to have liposuction on their arms.


The face can gain an incredible amount of weight, typically in the neck, although the cheeks can also develop fat deposits. Liposuction in the neck and face can be paired with other procedures, like rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, or a brow lift, to improve the shape and structure of the face.


Men who suffer from mild gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue) may find that liposuction is a good option for removing excess fat in the chest area. That said, most women and most men with severe cases of gynecomastia, need to undergo breast reduction surgery in order to remove excess tissue and skin, along with excess fat.


Liposuction can improve all areas of the thighs. It can be used on inner thighs to aid in achieving a “thigh gap.” It can be used on the outer thighs to reduce the appearance of “saddlebags.” And finally, it can be used on the back portion of the thigh, to give greater definition to the buttocks.

What Liposuction Can't Do

Liposuction is an excellent fat removal tool for many parts of the body, but it can’t do everything. It’s important that those considering liposuction to know its limitations and manage their expectations accordingly. For example:
  • Liposuction can’t help loose skin. Too much loose skin will not respond to fat removal alone. Instead, excess skin removal must be performed via surgery.
  • Women preparing for liposuctionLiposuction can’t help you lose weight. Fat removal and weight loss are not one in the same. In fact, if you are more than 30% over your ideal body weight, most plastic surgeons will not perform liposuction.
  • Liposuction isn’t permanent. While it removes fat, liposuction can’t keep it off. In order to keep your liposuction results, you must commit to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Liposuction can’t remove all fat. Lipo works on subcutaneous fat, but it doesn’t work on visceral fat, the deepest layer of fat that lives far under your skin.
  • Liposuction isn’t always enough. As mentioned above, you may need to pair lipo with other procedures in order to get the results you want.
  • Liposuction can’t remove cellulite alone. Removing fat will fix the cause of the problem, but won’t change the end result. You’ll also need body contouring to help get rid of cellulite.
  • Liposuction can’t remove scars. Stretch marks and surgical scars can only be treated with special topical medications, laser treatments, or other scar removal procedures.
Liposuction can’t completely change your life, but many people find that the cost of liposuction is well worth the self-esteem boost they gain as a result. And as long as you are committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, liposuction results can last for many years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about liposuction at Wilmington Plastic Surgery, contact us or give us a call at 910-509-SKIN. 

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