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SkinMedica Products — Seen In National Media; Sold in WPS Skin Care MedSpa

was featured in a close-up shot on Fox and Friends, a national morning news show. The segment was about the new FDA guidelines for sunscreen packaging, as well as the recommendation to use sunscreens with physical ingredients, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Click here to watch the Fox and Friends video. Daily Physical Defense SPF 30+ and TNS Essential Serum are featured on More.com in a story about the...

Look Closer at Plastic Surgery Business Ethics

For years, consumer groups and patient advocates have warned about the difference between cosmetic procedures done by plastic surgeons, who complete several years of training in specialized surgery, and those done by other doctors who may have little training in such procedures but heavily market their services at discount prices. See more of this article.

A fruitful resource for all plastic surgeons

Pair the FDA’s recently updated white paper statement, alongside the promise and commitment from the ASPS, consumers and ASPS members can rest assured they will be provided the best information to help make informed decisions pertaining to silicone gel-filled breast implants. Although it is agreed that breast implants are not lifetime devices, 90% of patients are satisfied with their outcomes from breast implantation...